ENOX Concealed Door Closer ITS - 120

ENOX Concealed Door Closer ITS - 120
ENOX Concealed Door Closer ITS - 120
ENOX Concealed Door Closer ITS - 120
ENOX Concealed Door Closer ITS - 120
CUTOUT DETAILS - ENOX Concealed Door Closer ITS - 120
CUTOUT DETAILS - ENOX Concealed Door Closer ITS - 120

ENOX™ Door Closer with adjustable closing force EN 2-4 

Applicable door width - EN 2-4

Concealed Door Closer with adjustable closing force EN 2-4

Features of ENOX Concealed Door Closer  ITS - 120

  • Hydraulic closing with two stage closing control.
  • Adjustable closing force EN 2 - 4
  • With concealed slide rail.
  • Same version DIN left and DIN right.
  • Mounting height only 45 mm.
  • Maximum Door Weight - 80 kgs.
  • Maximum Door Width - 1100 mm.
  • Maximum angle of door opening - 120°.
  • Tested - 500,000 Cycles.
  • Finish - Silver.

Door Closer Mechanism

Special Features   ITS 120
Closing Force Size According to EN   2-4
Door Width Size According to EN   ≤850
Door Weight Max (in Kgs)   80
Dimensions including mounting plate MM       Length 248
MM       Depth 32
MM       Height 45
Arm Standard
Parallel Arm Bracket
Slide Arm
Slide Arm & Hold Open Arm
Hold Open Arm
Closing Speed (adjustable)  
Latching Speed (adjustable)  
Back Check (adjustable)  
Delay Action  
Single Action  
Tested According to EN  
Certified According to EU Directive  

Closing force diagram, hinge side

Closing Speed Continuously adjustable closing speed from approx 120° to 7°

Latching Speed Continuously adjustable latching speed from 7° to 0° to ensure complete latching.

Standards and Classification

Standards relevant to the architectural hardware industry


There are two standards currently in existence for door closing devices:

EN 1154: 1997 - Mechanical closers

EN 1155; 1997 - Electronically controlled closers

These standards are shown in summary below in detail at the back of this catalogue. Attention should be paid to Digit 3, which deals with the power size and door width. Where applicable we have shown the relevant classification code using DHF graphic icons in this section.

Scope - The standard covers all controlled surface mounted, concealed,or transom mounted closers as well as both single and double action floor springs.


Digit 1 - Category of use

For all internal and external doors for use by the public, and others,with little incentive to take care, i.e. where there is some chance of misuse of the door.

Grade 3 : For closing doors from at least 105° open

Grade 4 : For closing doors from 180° open

Note 1 : Grade 4 classification assumes standard installation according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Note 2 : For applications subject to extremes of abuse, or for particular limitations of opening angle, door closers incorporating backcheck function or provision of a separate door stop should be considered.

Digit 4 - Fire behaviour

Two grades of fire behaviour are identified for door closingdevices manufactured to this standard:

Grade 0 : Not suitable for use on fire/smoke door assemblies

Grade 1 : Suitable for use on fire/smoke door assemblies,subject to satisfactory assessment of the contribution of theemergency device to the fire resistance of specifiedfire/smoke door assemblies.

Digit 2 - Number of test cycles

Only one test duration is identified for the door closing device manufactured to this standard: Grade 8: 500,000 cycles

Digit 5 - Safety

All door closers are required to satisfy the Essential Requirement of safety in use contained in the Construction Products Directive by the EU. Therefore only Grade 1 is identified

Digit 3 - Test door mass/size

Seven test door mass grades and related door closer power sizes are identified according to below table of this standard. Where a door closer provides a range of power sizes both the minimum and maximum sizes shall be identified.

Digit 6 - Corrosion resistance

Five grades are identified according to EN 1670:

Grade 0 : No defined corrosion resistance

Grade 1 : Low resistance

Grade 2 : Moderate resistance

Grade 3 : High resistance

Grade 4: Very high resistance

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