Automatic Sliding Door

Automatic Sliding Door System
Automatic Sliding Door System
Automatic Sliding Door System
Automatic Sliding Door System
Automatic Sliding Door System
Automatic Sliding Door System

ENOX™ Automatic Sliding Door 'Sensor Door' ESLD 7001 & ESLD 7002


It is an era of Automation

    Presently the lifestyle of any individual keeps them busy and occupied in their daily schedules, which can be eased with the help of some automisation. Automatic doors ensure decreased overhead costs, increased productivity, consistency, reliability and security. Automation is having technology do things for you repeatedly with precision and assuring safety. Automatic sliding doors definately help in saving time, money and energy

Types of Automatic doors


  • Single leaf Maximum opening 1800mm.
  • Bi-parting door Maximum opening 2200mm.

Features and Benefits of ENOX™ Automatic Sliding Door ' Sensor Door '


  • Economics

  • With the ESLD 7001, ENOX is able to offer a particularly competitive sliding door operator based on the proven capabilities of ENOX products.
  • Smooth and Silent

  • It moves silently with the use of DC brush-less motor and moves smoothly due to highly precise design.
  • Power Saving

  • High efficiency circuit is designed in order to save electricity.
  • DC Brush-less Motor

  • DC brush-less motor benefits with high rotational speed, low electric consumption & protection from overloading. more advantages are rapid response, potential torque, plus linear variation for voltage.
  • Multi Function Controller

  • It’s a micro processor controller with LED display. It has multi functions that you can set according to your needs. The self-learning microprocessor control ensures reliably operation keeps the motion cycles harmonised and satisfies and satisfies high safety requirements.
  • User Friendly

  • Due to it user friendly module, it’s easily adaptable to individual requirement.


Operation status of equipment


    Automatic sliding includes monitor display to allow users to understand the existing operation status easily and following 5 functions can be recognized.
    I. Current R.P.M. for Motor.
    II. Position display for door leaves.
    III. Speed of opening and closing for each second.
    IV. Power display for batteries in reserve.
    V. Position display for opening.


Area of Applications


  1.  Residential.
  2.  Commercial Buildings / Shopping Malls.
  3.  Showrooms.
  4.  Hospitals / Hotels.

Technical Specification.

Operating rating Continuous repeated door opening/closing
Transmission Toothed belt
Drive-wheel material Powder metallurgy
Control system Microprocessor (Dimension : 450x51x65 mm)
Function 15 functions
Hanger Adjustable single wheel hanger
Motor DC brushless Motor
Watt 40W - 60W
Speed (mm/sec.) 150 - 650 mm/sec (Adjustable)
Operating voltage and power consumption AC 90V - 250V 60/50Hz 1.9A - 0.8A 120W
Door open position time 1 - 60 sec.
Display Mode 1.Distance counter 2.RPM 3.Speed(mm/sec)
Ambient temperature 20°C - +45°C

         I. Microcomputer digital controller
    Intelligent digital controller that is micro computerized completely. The regular function circuit is controlled by the computer indication with fixed-point switch free. The door position adjustment, tracking distance set-up, various energy strength, open and closing speed are all controlled by the microcomputer. In a long time operation, the open and closing action is still precise. When the auto-door is opening and closing, if the door hits something while functioning, the digital control system will reverse moving immediately and get into safety protection mode with a continuous warning sound to avoid the occurrence of any damage to human body or broken machine parts and increase the entering safety.
         II. Drive belt
    High flexible belt is provided with superior anti-gland feature that can be used repeatedly without getting loose and fatigued resilience after long term use.
         III. Drive motor
    High efficiency permanent magnet brush-less serve motor, which is small in size, high-RPM and low power consumption which does not heat after continual usage. It makes the door open and close silently during whole functioning period.
         IV. Aluminum alloy housing
    Strong alloy housing easily combines with other accessory parts. The alloy housing is one-unit shaping that has exclusive profile and smooth track that does not get deformed or worn down after long term usage.
         V. Door fixing hanger
    The door system has an integrated fixing hanger which allows smooth and secure movement of the panels. It is combined with the stopper to prevent the panels from slipping out.

1.Door Operates both in ways this Position

2. Door only opens half in this position.*

3. Door is always open in this position.

4. Door is always closed and locked in this position.

5. When the person wants to exit, the door opens in the direction of exit only. The system does not allow opening for entry.

*In normal half open position, door will be opened 50% of normal position. It can be adjusted to more than 50% but cannot be adjusted to less.

Accessorie Details
ESC - 7001 - A

Features :

  • Aluminium Anodized glass suspension profile
  • Size : 2400 mm.
  • Finish : Stainless Steel
ESLD - 7001 - I

Features :

  •  Active infrared
  • Available in single barrier.
  • Useful in areas of frequent opening
  • Additional protection & safety
  • Can fitted in single & double door profile doors
  • Recommended to avoid accidents.

 ESLD - 7001 - J

Features :

  • Electric Drop Bolt
  • Power Supply - DC12V.
  • Watt. Consumption - Start 10W 2sec, Nromal 2W.
  • Size - 203mm X 38mm X 40mm.

 ESLD - 7001 - K

Features :

  • To lock and unlock door irrespective of operative mode in program selection.
  • Power supply - DC12V.

ESLD - 7001 - N

Features :

  • Active infrared
  • Available in single barrier.
  • Useful in areas of frequent opening
  • Additional protection & safety
  • Can fitted in single & double door profile doors
  • Recommended to avoid accidents.

 ESLD - 7001 - O

Features :

  • Tochless switch is very useful in case where you need to open door as and when require
  • Sensitive, stable and reliable.
  • Suited for hospitals, food processing & pharmaceutical sectors
  • Door closers after passing through
  • Can be fitted on the surface anywhere

 ESLD - 7001 - Q

Features :

  • PVC end caps for ESC 7001 A
  • Finish - Grey.
  • Material - PVC

 ESLD - 7001 - R

Features :

  • Infrared microprocessor controlled receiver.
  • This is amazing home and office security device for sensor door.
  • Available in 300,317,433 MHz frequencies.

 ESLD - 7001 - M

Features :

  • Micro Wave motion sensor controlled by controller.
  • Compact and unique design.
  • ABS cover & special housing fixing system.
  • Unidirectional element

 ESLD - 7001 - R

Features :

  • Access control system can be integrated with the system.
  • Can be used to open the door with subscribe validation and then closes the door.
  • Ideal for areas in area like office, restricted areas.

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