Glazing Profile

  • Interior Glass Partitions.
  • Interior Office Partitions with multitude of panel Inserts, Glass, MDF, Lamination, Plywood, Gypsum etc.
  • Shop Fronts with maximum visibility and security.
  • Fixed Windows.


  • Simple & faster fabrication and glass installation. ideal for 8, 10 or 12 mm glass thickness.
  • Superior holding power to structure and for glass.
  • No shifting or falling out of position. Maintenance free mechanism.
  • Easy installation & remounting as no glue or silicon required.
  • Easier glass replacement.
  • Cost effective, time & labour saving by easy installation & faster completion of projects.
  • Slim & attractive design, low visual impact, space saving.
  • Deep cavity in profile and uniform grip all along the 8 edges of glass provides outstanding structural stability.
  • exterior removal of gasket / glass made impossible due to contoured epdm gasket held under pressure.
  • better shock absorption.