EHF 007

Operated Arm Pull - B

Our touchless, hygienic door handles are simple,effective solutions to preventing contamination from virus or germs that can be found on door knobs. Pull with your arm, pull with your elbow every time you use the door knob. Any way you open the rest room door, your clean hands never touch that handle.

Open the door with your wrist. The Arm Pull and the Sanitary Door Opener are designed to slip your wrist into it and pull so you don't touch the door with your hands

Material :  Zinc Alloy

Available Finish : Satin Steel

Applications :

  • In Hotels Main room door & Lobby area
  • Hospital applications for all doors
  • Office entrance doors (if not automated)& conference rooms
  • For residential use in staircase doors
  • In restaurants kitchen doors & main doors
  • Retails shops entrance doors ( non automatic doors)

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